December 4, 2023 7:07 pm

The Another Side of The Coin : Raje with Gehlot

The Another Side of The Coin : Raje with Gehlot


Nagaur. Assembly election are near and political corridors are already busy with so much upheaval going on among political parities in the state.

A cropped  pic of Raje with The CM Ashok Gehlot triggered the rumors in social media in connection with the implications of this meeting. Within very short period of time this picture went viral and people started guessing and gossiping


Later on to end this drama the uncropped full pic was released wherein Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot, Vasundhara Raje, Speaker CP Joshi and Opposition leader Rajendra Singh Rathore were seen sitting together after the inauguration of the Constitution Club of Rajasthan , Friday night.

One one hand there was much gossips and rumors centering Raje – BJP CM face related controversial confusion in relation to this photo among the various experts of state politics.

Whereas , people were found to discuss the probability and doubts vice versa as there is much a mess between Pilot and Gehlot which was at its peak in 2020 when this feud almost toppled the government itself.

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